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Freshwater Shrimp for Sale

If you want something fascinating for your aquarium, our freshwater shrimp for sale is the right choice for you. At Shrimp Up Aquatics, we aim to bring vibrant colors and lively activity to your tank with our high-quality livestock. Our diverse selection of freshwater shrimp includes skittle shrimp, red rilli fancy shrimp, snowball – and so much more. Whether you are an enthusiast or a beginner looking for quality livestock, we have something for everyone. Sift through our collection today and get your hands on the best freshwater shrimps.

Our Freshwater Shrimp for Sale: Perfect for Your Aquarium

You may be wondering why choose freshwater shrimp and not any other species? Well, they are a perfect addition to your aquarium because of so many reasons. Let’s discuss some of them:

A Wide Variety

First of all, they are visually appealing. These fascinating creatures will surely make your aquarium the center of attention. Moreover, they come in a variety of colors and patterns to add a touch of vibrancy to your aquarium. From cherry shrimps to blue velvet, there is a type to suit every taste.

Low Maintenance

Another reason why freshwater shrimps are better than other aquarium species is that they are low maintenance. They are hardy and can adapt to a variety of water conditions. This makes them an ideal option for beginners.

Interesting to Watch

Freshwater shrimps are active and entertaining to watch. You will often see them grazing on surfaces, exploring their surroundings and interacting with each other. This makes your aquarium a fun element in your space.

Choose Us for Your Next Freshwater Shrimp Purchase!

Our top focus is to provide you with the highest quality freshwater shrimp as well as an exceptional service. Therefore, we get our shrimp from trusted breeders to ensure that they are healthy. The best thing is that our shrimp are well-suited to all the aquarium conditions. Also, we offer the most incredible prices so you don’t have to financially drain yourself with your shrimp purchase. Ordering from us is super quick and easy. Just browse our selection, place your order, and have your freshwater shrimp delivered to your doorstep.

FAQs About Our Freshwater Shrimp for Sale

Are freshwater shrimp hard to keep?

Freshwater shrimp are considered easy to keep because they seamlessly adapt to the environment. However, this quality makes them highly sensitive to the changes in water chemistry.

How many freshwater shrimp should I get?

Freshwater shrimp thrive when they live in groups. Therefore, you should get a maximum of 5 shrimp per gallon of water.

How long do freshwater aquarium shrimp live?

Freshwater shrimp are really beautiful and fascinating yet short-lived. They live around 1-2 years under ideal conditions.