To ensure a unique and customer-friendly Dead On Arrival (DOA) policy, please refer to the following guidelines:

  1. In the unlikely event of Dead On Arrival (DOA), we kindly request you to capture clear photographs of the affected invertebrate(s) and/or fish while they are still in the unopened bag.

  2. Within six hours of the initial delivery attempt or pick-up, please email the photographs to our dedicated customer service email address:

  3. Upon verification of the DOA condition, we will offer two options: A. Refund: You will receive a refund or a Gift Card for the cost of the lost invertebrate(s) or fish only. B. Replacement: If you prefer a replacement instead of a refund, we will invoice you for the shipping cost associated with the replacement.

  4. Claims arising from packages left outside for extended periods of time in extreme temperatures will not be eligible for our DOA policy.

  5. It is essential that the shipment is delivered to the correct address provided during the order placement. Forwarding the package to another address, unless it is delivered on the same day, will result in additional transit time and void our Live Arrival Guarantee. However, if UPS or USPS forwards your shipment in error, we will cover such mistakes.

  6. For packages held at the post office or a UPS location, it is the customer's responsibility to pick them up or reschedule a redelivery within one day of the initial delivery attempt. This condition applies to cases where the customer chooses to hold the package and cases where USPS or UPS decides to hold the package at their discretion in order to maintain the validity of our Live Arrival Guarantee.

We value your satisfaction and strive to provide the best possible service. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.