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Panda Cory Catfish (CORYDORAS PANDA)

Panda Cory Catfish (CORYDORAS PANDA)

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Introducing the Adorable Panda Cory Catfish – Your Aquarium's New Best Friend!


Are you searching for the perfect addition to your freshwater aquarium, a fish that's as charming as it is captivating? Look no further than the delightful Panda Cory Catfish! These lovable aquatic creatures are not just a joy to watch, but they also play a crucial role in maintaining a clean and harmonious aquatic environment.

Key Features:

1. Adorable Panda-Like Appearance: The Panda Cory Catfish gets its name from its striking resemblance to everyone's favorite black and white bear. With its unique black eye patches and contrasting white body, these fish bring a touch of whimsy and fascination to your tank.

2. Peaceful Community Fish: Known for their gentle temperament, Panda Cory Catfish are the ideal companions for a wide range of fish species. They coexist peacefully, adding a sense of harmony to your aquatic community. Say goodbye to aggressive tankmates!

3. Expert Algae Cleaners: These little marvels are natural scavengers and excellent at keeping your tank pristine. They eagerly scour the substrate for leftover food and unsightly algae, contributing to a healthier and cleaner aquatic environment.

4. Schooling Behavior: Panda Cory Catfish are social creatures that thrive when kept in small groups. Watch them gracefully school together, creating a mesmerizing display of synchronized swimming that will captivate both beginners and experienced aquarists alike.

5. Low Maintenance: For aquarists of all levels, Panda Cory Catfish are a breeze to care for. They adapt well to a variety of water conditions, making them an excellent choice for both beginners and experts. Just provide them with a well-maintained tank, and they'll thrive.

6. Fascinating Behavior: These catfish have endearing habits, such as playing hide-and-seek among decorations and rocks, which will entertain and delight you every day.

7. Breeding Potential: If you're looking to expand your aquatic family, Panda Cory Catfish can breed in the right conditions, bringing adorable fry into your tank and adding a new dimension to your aquarium experience.

8. Versatile Size: Panda Cory Catfish come in various sizes to accommodate different tank setups. Whether you have a smaller aquarium or a grand aquatic display, there's a size that's perfect for you.

Transform your aquarium into a captivating underwater world with the enchanting Panda Cory Catfish. These adorable creatures will not only steal your heart but also contribute to a healthier and more vibrant tank ecosystem.

Don't miss out on the chance to welcome these delightful fish into your aquatic family. Order your Panda Cory Catfish today and experience the joy they bring to your aquarium. Hurry, as they're highly sought after and tend to be in high demand.

Elevate your aquatic experience with the Panda Cory Catfish – where cuteness meets functionality in the world of aquariums!

  • Temperature:  72° - 82° F (22° - 25° C)
  • pH:  5.8 - 7.8
  • KH:  0 - 15 dKH
  • Minimum tank size:  20 gallons
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