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Orange-Eye Royal Blue Tiger Shrimp

Orange-Eye Royal Blue Tiger Shrimp

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SIZE : 1/2 - 1 Inch (Breeding Age)

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Orange-Eye Royal Blue Tiger Shrimp, the epitome of elegance and sophistication. These captivating creatures showcase a stunning combination of vibrant royal blue coloration and striking orange eyes, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that will elevate your aquarium to new levels of enchantment.

The Orange-Eye Royal Blue Tiger Shrimp possess a regal allure that demands attention. Their deep royal blue bodies are adorned with intricate patterns and contrasting orange eyes, making them a true centerpiece in any aquascape. Each shrimp is a living masterpiece, exuding grace and magnificence with every movement.

Not only are Blue Tiger Shrimp visually striking, but they also possess a delightful personality. They are known for their active nature and inquisitive behavior, constantly exploring their surroundings and adding a lively touch to your aquatic realm. Watching these exquisite shrimp gracefully navigate your tank is a source of endless fascination and joy.

In addition to their captivating appearance, Orange-Eye Royal Blue Tiger Shrimp contribute to the health and balance of your aquarium. They are diligent algae grazers, helping to keep your tank clean and free from unwanted growth. By actively maintaining a harmonious environment, they promote the well-being of your aquatic plants and other tank inhabitants.

At Shrimp Up Aquatics, we take great pride in offering only the highest quality Blue Tiger Shrimp. Each shrimp is carefully selected for their vibrant coloration, distinctive patterns, and overall health. When you choose shrimp from us, you can trust that you're acquiring exceptional specimens that will enhance the beauty and grandeur of your aquatic sanctuary.

Tank Water Parameters


PH: 6.5 - 6.8

GH: 4-6

KH: 0-1

TDS: 90-110

Temperature: 70 - 78F

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